Pantheon Entry Fee

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Visitors to the Pantheon in Rome must purchase an admission ticket online starting from July 3rd. The ancient temple building, converted into a church since the 7th century, attracts millions of visitors annually. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Eternal City.

On this website, we aim to make it easier for visitors to apply for the admission ticket online. The official website of the ministry is complicated, lacks manual verification and does not offer the most popular payment methods. On you can purchase your entry fee online with a trusted feeling.

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Everything you need to know about the Entry Fee Pantheon

A visit to the Pantheon is a must when you're in Rome. This is the most impressive temple from Roman times, featuring the largest dome ever built in the world. Until recently, you could visit the Pantheon for free, but since July 3, 2023, an entry fee is required. Entrance tickets can be reserved online in advance on this website.

For years on end, the 2,000-year-old Pantheon has been one of the most visited monuments in Rome. Visitors used to wait in line for a while and then enter to admire the stunning interior of this Roman temple, built between 25 and 27 BC. Emperor Hadrian embellished the temple between 118 and 125 AD with a 43-meter-high dome and a 9-meter-wide hole at the top. The sunlight streaming through it always creates remarkable lighting effects inside the Pantheon.

Just like before, you can still queue up at the busy ticket counter and try to get a ticket. However, the entrance fee is not too high, and the Pantheon remains one of the most popular attractions in Rome. It is advisable to reserve an entry fee in advance via the internet. This is mandatory on weekends and holidays when it tends to be even busier than usual.

The proceeds from the ticket sales are primarily used for the maintenance of the centuries-old monument. The Italian Ministry of Tourism receives 70 percent of the profit for this purpose. The remaining portion goes to the Diocese of Rome for charitable purposes and the maintenance of churches owned by the state.