How does it work?

Step 1

To begin, you need to complete the application form for the Pantheon entry fee fully and accurately. We require personal information and the desired entry date for the entrance ticket. We recommend double-checking the completed application form to ensure that you receive the correct entrance ticket. Rest assured that we treat this information confidentially and use the data solely for the purpose of applying for the admission ticket.

Step 2

Once you have filled in all the details completely and accurately, you can easily and quickly make payment via the reliable online payment method of your choice.


Step 3

Upon receiving your information and payment, we will conduct an initial verification. During this verification, we will carefully review the provided details to quickly identify and notify you of any common errors in the application form. If we discover any errors in your application form, we will contact you via email or phone.

Step 4

If no errors are found during the initial verification of your information and everything is correct, we will submit the application to the government of Italy. Within 12 hours, you will receive a valid entrance ticket via email. It is possible to print your entrance ticket before your departure and bring it with you during your visit or show it on your digital device. We wish you a pleasant visit in the Pantheon!